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Re: slight OT but relevant I think

Originally posted by Erik
I have trained in or visited dojos with instructors of the following caliber:

Probably Alcoholic - Drank before class. Of course, it was just a glass of wine as it was explained to me. Besides, no Japanese sensei ever suffered from this problem.
Pot Smoker -- Stoned while teaching the class.
Pedofile -- Shares his name with a famous author and the dojo is not 2 miles from where I grew up. Imagine hearing from your mother, "Aikido was in the newspaper today."
Womanizer -- Man is a legend in the aikido community and the practice is a running joke.
Klickstein was before my time but given my track record I'd have found my way there as well.

These aren't real examples, are they?

I once ran into a smokin', drinkin' sensi (huff-puffing his way through class -- pretty good aikido though). Needless to say, I didn't start training there -- how could I respect someone like that?

Erik, these examples are beyond scary. These people should be kicked out. Period. Why would anyone even want to attend their classes anyway?

A pedofile?? Call the cops in -- let's see if their aikido really works!!