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Jill N
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Re: Wrist Strapping for training...

I have some arthritis in one wrist and more recently had some nerve damage in both wrists due to a virus. I use a wrist brace occasionally, when I am sore, or numb. I looked for a long time to find one that did not have a metal or hard plastic insert, because I have been known to "whack" my friends at the dojo. (my depth perception is not so good cause I have a focussing problem in one eye) LOOK OUT! Anyhow, I did find a brand that does a good job. It provides some flexibility, but very limited, and it has a softer insert. There is a rectangle of material very much like thick leather which sits along the inside of the wrist. The brace I use is "Sport Aid" brand. I have one I have used for almost 7 years, and have two newer ones, they are all going strong, and I haven't yet induced a bloody nose in any of my aikibuddies. (well, not while wearing the braces, anyhow)
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