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Re: Need advice/new guy to area's dojo

Thank you everyone for the advice as it does help hearing that switching dojos is not easy, especially after being at one that for awhile where the people are like family. Dojo culture shock…I have to remember that. When I went overseas while in the military I had some of that culture shock going on so I can relate to that.

I'm actually further North in Florida but don't want to say exactly where or who because that would be putting this dojo and myself on the spot and in a way I feel that perhaps I'm not giving the dojo or myself enough of a chance to work things out. I certainly don't want to get into a tattling mode, for right now I'm just looking for some advice and the advice I am receiving so far is great.

I am surprised however, that this dojo hasn't expressed more of a training structure for the newer people as well as the senior students. They just throw everyone into the mix with a "have at it" sort of attitude. There is probably no more than 10 students at the most during practice. I'm not really questioning the Sensei's Aikido credentials, just his teaching methods and abilities.

I have pre-paid for a month so during this time I will see if things show some structure or not. If not than I will have to re-evaluate my priorities. Moving is out of the question also as I am trying to settle in for the long haul in life with starting a business new to the area which has taken off well.
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