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Hi Anne;

Quick clarification - its Shodokan Honbu not Aikikai. You can follow the links on my signature for more information - the kyu and dan syllabus is on the Honbu site.

The reason I post on these lists is that it is not a dojo. Someone like myself with little experince can argue and debate with someone like Chuck, for instance. Wouldn't dream of being so verbose if I visited his dojo. Life experience is a major asset and no one ignores it - just that I felt you were missing his point.

Budo is a funny thing - our life experience's don't necessarily apply. The more educated we are the more used to having our opinions listened to we become and the more we expect argument to overcome. Personally it was very hard for me to get past this and I must say, out of all the benefits I recieved from budo training, that lesson was one of the more important. One of my goals during the next three months in Japan is not to use the word but.

Nothing personal Anne - this thread is just conveinient to air a few thoughts.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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