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Re: Anne Marie in a feisty mood

Originally posted by Jim23

You beat me to it. Anne Marie's a law student, but we really shouldn't hold that against her.

I think she mentioned in other posts and quick check, she mentions it on her profile. Good luck to her - it's a lot of hard work - but time and place.

Belts are pretty silly things anyway.

They have their uses but I've said before Dan grades are only relevant within an organization and kyu grades within a dojo. When dealing with someone outside of my organization I ignore rank and just ask how long have you been training and with whom. Then, on the mat, we proceed to discover each others limitations.
In the East a 16 year old asks a 60 year old what life is all about.

In the West a 16 year old tells the 60 year old what like is all about.

How very true.
I tossed that in because I know Chuck likes it. Anne isn't 16 and Chuck isn't 60 but I felt it was a good hint that one should try and understand what's written and who wrote it before arguing a point. That's true for all of us.

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