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Thank you for your statement regarding you experience in receiving shodan. That is all I am looking for nothing more. I have so far only heard rumors that the Aikikai Hombu promotes quickly. You are the first person to actually have experience there and say so.

It is pretty clear from your posts that you wish to judge -
No, it is not clear. What is clear to me that my words are being interpreted that I am intending to judge. I apologize if my words have come across that way.

I really wish you guys would re-read my posts. I was asking for the information so I would not have to judge. I type what I mean on the internet because it is easy to misunderstand someone when you don't hear their voice inflection or see their body language. Please stop reading between the lines and assuming that there is judgment or intent to judge when there is none.

But this IS what I was thinking as I posted my initial post. I can make all the assumptions in the world. I can assume they have low standards and promote to make people feel good. I can also assume that they came from a school with exceptional training and experience and because of the exceptional teaching staff you learn more quickly and therefore were promoted more quickly. I can also assume that in some schools the meaning to shodan means little so the time to shodan is quicker, but that is not necessarily true. I can assume that in some schools shodan means a lot and therefore time to shodan is long, but that is not necessarily true. I can assume that some schools focus on techniques first and once a person knows the techniques then gets shodan, but that is not necessarily true. I can assume that some schools focuses on principles but it may be harder to learn principles so promotion time takes longer, but that is not necessarily true. I could assume that short time equals poor quality and long time equals good quality, but that is not necessarily true.

But we all know what assume means right? Well, I was just wondering what is right or wrong. Too many variables exist that prevent people on the net from obtaining understanding of our differences? I don't necessarily agree. There are enough people on this site with experience of enough years to at least convey a basic understanding of the differences.

Stories on the web have no relevance -
No relevance to what? To understanding the differences between styles? I guess this is our point of contention. I do believe there can be a basic understanding. (this is what I'm seeking) However, I will agree that a deeper and more thourough understanding would require contact with another human being on the mat. (I'm smart enough to know that I can't get that answer on the internet.)

Quote: on the mat does.
Well, guys I haved trained in a school (Juko-Kai Dai Yoshin Ryu) that promotes to shodan in 3 years. The basis of their shodan is knowing a series of techniques. The basis is not on priciples. Their theory of shodan is just a beginning. They figure after more practice that an understanding of the principles will come about naturally. This is my old school.

But does that mean that the folks in my old dojo any less the shodan than that they are? No. They are shodan according to their school's standards not my current school's standards.

Chuck did not say you had to enter into these peoples shoes - just to train/meet with them and judge them on the level of their Aikido.

I don't think he is deflecting your question but instead giving you a basic truth.
Well I see it as a deflection because I am being told that "you just have to train" and "that you can't understand unless you meet the people". Basic truth? That is arguable truth is relative to the facts you base it upon. Understanding still is possible. Actually, I thought that is the purpose of the internet and forums like these so we can get contact with people in other styles and other approaches. I thought the point was to understand one another. Now, I am being told it is not possible.

In the East a 16 year old asks a 60 year old what life is all about.

In the West a 16 year old tells the 60 year old what like is all about.
Yeah, this 31 year old woman with a B.A. in International Studies and rising 3rd year J.D. candidate, doesn't like it when a 16 year old tries to tell her about life either. What we are debating here is assumptions and the ability to understand one another over the internet in the context of aikido. (We could be having the exact same conversation but any other subject). I respect both of your aikido backgrounds, but I believe we are equals when it comes to a general understanding of human experience.

But sometimes youth does possess incredible wisdom. Have you ever heard the saying: "Out of the mouth of babes" ?

Take Care,
Anne Marie Giri

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