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Re: Wrist Strapping for training...

Re: Wrist Strapping for Training...
Ms. Rosen you seem to have very excessive physical injury due to Aikido training?. I believe you should either inform your partner's in training of your injury's. Just because you tape your wrist doesn't mean your Nage has the right to crank it. It is nothing to be ashame of"trying to practice with a injury".
One must show compassion when training on the mat. Tell them you are injured, Speak out!. You are paying your dues to train just like everyone else in your Dojo. Protect your self first, You are the number one priority to yourself. Train defensively read your Nage, feel his intent don't go against his force. Everyone of us need our hands to work and support our self's. Don't injure yourself further it's not worth it. I just don't understand this injustice to your fellow human being. These people that hurt others on the mat need to shape up. I think it's the responsibility of the instructor of the class to correct these individuals that are inflicting injury to the students.
Listen to your body and take care of yourself, Aid others that have injurys like yours, Guide them to the right path of healing.

Lone Wolf of San Jose
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