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Casey Martinson
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Re: Taking the high road

one more thing

" I see no reason you cannot apply the principles of aikido within the framework of ground fighting. Bringing your opponent under control is surely the main point of the ground work (certainly of what I've seen) and atemi has long been a big part of aikido"

not that you can't use aikido principles in ground fighting, but certainly it seems much more difficult in that your movement is much more limited and your opponents movements are much smaller. bringing your opponent under control may be the main point of ground work, but that doesn't make it aikido. from what i've seen of BJJ/wrestling/etc., the techniques require some amount of muscling. in other words, you're opposing force with force. am i wrong to say that opposing force with force is antithetical to aikido? as for atemi, my impression is that it's main purpose is to distract or redirect or somehow off-balance your opponent.
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