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Re: Taking the high road

Casey Martinson wrote:
so i would assume the best way to defend against a grappling attacker is to stay off the ground to begin with. a grappler has to take you down first in order to gain the advantage, right?
That's considerably easier said than done.

In mma competitions, Olympic-level wrestlers have been taken down by people far less skilled in takedowns and takedown defense. The less "rules" an environment has, the more possibilities there are to set up a specific attack, and the more the defender has to defend.

This may be knit-picking, but in my mind "grappling" does not mean "groundwork". There are some exceptional wrestlers, judoka, bjj'ers, sombist, etc....who can and have ended fights by throwing. Yes, their opponent was taken to the ground, but only to use the ground as an immovable object to slam someone with.

Personally, I think Wendy hits it on the head when she says you need to practice getting loose and back up on your feet .


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