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Re: Locking/pinning as pain submission...

Don J. Modesto wrote:
I've had people bend my fingers backwards (very effectively, thank you) as prelude to SANKYO--watch Steven Seagal do this to UKEs' thumbs--and there's a tough variation of the IKKYO pin which braces the arm above the elbow and extends and lifts the wrist--Ouch! The arm bar principle works well on knees, too. It's a cinch to get it too; people who do that confident throw down before IRIMI NAGE expect you to come up compliantly into their clothesline. "Bah!" I say. "I'm down there, I'm turning in and taking out their knee!"
IMHO, that "confident throw down" is more a result of the ukemi than the throw. During a dynamic iriminage, Uke was not able to stay close enough to nage to minimize the rotational force, completely loses his balance, and falls forward onto all fours.

If you control uke's head, and "attach" it to your shoulder as you turn, it's possible to turn faster than uke can adjust for - rather than breaking his neck, you stay in control, but allow the uke to recover his center a bit so you can complete the throw. If you are not in control of uke throughout the "throw-down," he can counter or escape, though. If uke decides to stay low and try to take out my knees , I'll glady drop my weight onto him and end the attack then and there (aiki-jitsu style) ; if he pops up, we can play some more - and finish the iriminage, perhaps.
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