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Re: Non-Japanese Shihans?

I'm assuming you mean Aikikai Foundation recognized Shihans.

Frank Doran and Robert Nadeau of the CAA are Shihans.

Bill Witt was also made a Shihan and I believe his new organization, the TAA, is recognized by Hombu, so I assume that he still retains the title.

The USAF-East website's seminar calendar now lists, to my surprise, four US teachers as Shihan: Claude Berthiaume, Peter Bernath, Donovan Waite and Harvey Konigsberg. Claude and Harvey were promoted to 7th Dan recently, while Peter and Donovan are 6th Dans. I'm surprised because I've seen no general announcement about this. Since the people who put up the calendar are careful about titles, I must assume that they are Hombu recognized Shihans.

I've had to use "assume" three times here because there's no real source online which gives any official list.

Jim Baker
Aikido of Norfolk
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