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Mat Hill
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Re: griptape on bokken

Dan Gould wrote:
That's like saying a toothbrush without bristles is a penny whistle.

I'm with Jun, but also with Bryce Montgomery. I'm pretty sure it would be frowned upon over here, and I've never seen it, but if your dojocho is happy fair enough. And I have to say, I love the feeling of the wood, and have some notion that it helps my understanding of the grip, but then having never practised with anything else (except real katana) I can't really qualify this.

As an aside, the finishing on my weapons over here is much less 'sticky' varnish than the ones I have in the UK. I always had to sand my jo in the UK, because they were too sticky for tsuki and the varnish got slippy with sweat. Maybe I should ask the people in the shop here if they know what finish they use...

That thing about a concealed handgun being a misdemeanor and a taped bokken being a felony is hilarious in a scarily unfunny way!
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