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Alvin H. Nagasawa
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Re: Wrist Strapping for training...

Re: Wrist Strapping for Training
I have encounter in the pass several flexible jointed students. Usual the can resist joint motion in extreme to extension. And all of them are suffering some sort of problems for there arrogance or ego trip. I wounder if one who has that physical ability should have used there advantage(gift) to further one Uke training. In aikido flexibility is a level everyone is searching for. As you get older you loss that ability. You may not in your present condition progress in your level of training. because of this handy cap. I agree with all of the concern individuals that have given there option on your posting.
But, I wish to say on my behalf, as one that had injury's while training Aikido for the pass 34 years.

"one should listen to your body", If you are injured, seek medical attention, protect yourself from further injury. You must control the situation, and no one can tell you other wise.And you can continue training Aikido for many years to come.

Lone Wolf of San Jose
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