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Re: Taking the high road

I'll also have to disagree with Lynn, although I haven't been doing Aikido that long, and definitely don't have much in the way of skill or experience, I've always understood Suwari Waza to be about teaching you to move with the hips - it's impossible to move about on your knees unless the movement comes from the hips.

You will never face a grappler on your knees. You will be on your back.

Casey, the best way to learn to handle grapplers is to take some classes and learn how to incorporate the principles you've learned from both your Aikido and BJJ. I wouldn't suggest it until you've got a very firm basis in aikido though, it's more than enough of a challenge. I won't be doing any cross-training myself until I'm well on the way to Nidan (in about 123918093821 more years).

BJJ and Aikido really shouldn't "clash" in any other way than culturally (depending on the person). BJJ is designed for a very different range in very different situations to Aikido and should fit quite well (IMO).

A lot of Aikidoka will tell you that you don't need any grappling beacause you'll never end up on the ground, and perhaps that's mostly true - unless you stuff up, and that's quite likely. The BJJ people will tell you that 6 months will enable you to beat just anyone who hasn't trained grappling on the ground - that means you can pick up the principles pretty quickly, enough to give you an idea anyway (the chances of you getting attacked by a trained martial-artist are statistically small). Given the short amount of time required to get a 'grounding' I'm surprised at how few senior Aikidoka have done any training in it.
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