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Re: Taking the high road

Casey Martinson wrote:
I think UFC is coming into pop culture the way pro wrestling has in the last five years or so; I don't see how that could not encourage a lot more misguided angry males to dojos, where they'll learn just enough to be dangerous.
I'd be interested in other people's perspectives, but in my experience, "misguided angry males" don't stick around in bjj academies or mma training facilities. Because you have to spar every class, you quickly learn that there are people who are bigger, stronger, faster and more technically proficient (and if that's not true, you learn that performance varies from day to day. The partner you "dominate" today is the one that "dominates" you tomorrow). The "misguided angry male's" ego can't handle getting beaten, and they leave.

As far as the UFC becoming a part of pop culture, I don't see that happening. (Quick, who's the current UFC heavyweight champion? Light Heavyweight champion? When's the next UFC?) MMA is still a fringe sport, albeit a growing one. But MMA has a very, very long way to go before it has the $$$$ and impact of professional wrestling.


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