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Casey Martinson
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Re: Taking the high road

Thanks for the posts.

1) Regarding the "high road," I'm new here so I haven't seen it all yet, but I still think this forum is unique in its civility and thoughtfulness--not that there aren't real arguments.

2) I am not starting another "aikido vs. other art" thread here. I just wanted to poll those with BJJ experience regarding the general attitude of dojos they've trained in, visited, etc. (i.e., Is there a UFC complex or not?) Thanks for speaking to that particular point.

My second question was, do any of you give more time to defending against grapplers now that UFC has perhaps begun to attract more hot-heads to BJJ. If you haven't seen it, there is even now a reality TV show about a bunch of guys living together and training for the UFC. I think UFC is coming into pop culture the way pro wrestling has in the last five years or so; I don't see how that could not encourage a lot more misguided angry males to dojos, where they'll learn just enough to be dangerous.

As for my "very few 'chicks'" comment, I meant that women were not well represented in that forum--"chicks" being the common term used there.

with respect,
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