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Reactions to poor technique and humble request for support

Don J. Modesto wrote:
people who do that confident throw down before IRIMI NAGE expect you to come up compliantly into their clothesline. "Bah!" I say. "I'm down there, I'm turning in and taking out their knee!"
Now, that's interesting! Is the nage directly pulling you backwards to get you down. If so, I think that's a fair reaction (assuming you have a good enough relationship set up with your partner for that to be mutually productive).

Maybe this is a topic for a new thread, but I'd love to hear what other people normally do as uke when nage tries to force something very low level. Lot's of time, the nage tries to salvage their technique with some atemi(s) that they'll do to basically punish you for not artifically following their terrible set-up. I usually just try to take the best ukemi I can; and if nage starts attacking me, I see if I can use that to throw them (but I err on the side of rolling away if it starts degenerating).

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