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Re: How spiritual?

Bill Danosky wrote:
IMHO, spirituality is a completely separate consideration from any physical reality. I believe that it's something which can only be experienced through literal spiritual practice, so learning spirituality through Aikido practice would be like trying to learn to box at a ballet studio.

What about the Buddhists who do 108 prostrations a day? How bout the American Indians who dance for all their spiritual ceremonies.Or the Tibetan monks who dance? Or the sects that practice ritual fasting? The sects that fast, that perform austerities, that inflict ritual punishment on their own bodies. How about the Quakers? And the Shakers? How about just about all the "pagan" philosophies? The Sufis? Coming of age physical/bodily manipulation such as tatooing or scarring?

And as aikido is a perfect example of the Golden Rule, or "turning the other cheek" it could even be a Christian practice.

Its too early in the morning for me to think of ohter specifically physical spiritual practices.

And I cannot underatend your analogy about ballet & boxing. Which one of those is the Spiritual half of the comparison? HOW Is spirituality>aikido anything like boxing>.ballet?

For that matter, I spent many years performing dance in church services. As part of the liturgy. Tell me that's mere entertainment.


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