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Re: Taking the high road

Hi Lynn

Before any of our non aikidoka readers mauls this...I think you need a lot more that suwari waza to combat grappling techniques.

I first grappled in a formal club environment at I time when I was nidan in aikido.

I was shocked to find that standard aikido was really of no use at all.

Against untrained novice grapplers I could more than hold my own thanks to my familiarity with aiki body work and lots of grappling as a schoolkid but was no match for the highly skilled seniors.

Casey - don't fall into the trap that so many others are in by assuming that BJJ or any of the other grappling arts are superior or inferior to aikido for self defence.

Grappling is a specialist skill just as aikido is.

Both need some adaptation to be used as self defence or offensively.

The best grapplers I worked with had no more and no less ego than the best aikido guys I've worked with....but due to it favouring young testosterone afflicted men I can see how it would have a higher percentage of macho men than a subtler art form.

Lynn - apologies for contradicting you in this way, have read a lot of your posts and agree with much of what you say.


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