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Casey Martinson
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Taking the high road

Hello all,
I've been reading this forum for a few weeks now, and I'll make my introduction here. After waiting many years, I've been training in Aikido for going on three weeks. I absolutely love it.

One thing I really appreciate about this forum is the level of respect and intelligence demonstrated in the posts. A few days ago, I was reading a thread regarding counter techniques to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This sparked my interest in learning more about BJJ as well. I studied a little bit of grappling as a karate student in high school, back when the UFC was brand new. I know it can be a tremendously valuable skill for self defense, although hopefully, aikido will allow me to avoid the need for such skills.

Anyway, long story short, I went to for more info, and found the forum pages to be very disappointing. The posts are full of ego, crude language, and aggressive attitudes.

My impression was that UFC has had the effect of swelling BJJ schools with immature guys (very few "chicks") who want to be able to beat the crap out of all comers. Do any readers here have recent experience training in BJJ? Am I wrong? I'd like to someday look into learning BJJ but if I have to put up with the "ultimate fighter complex", forget it.

Also, has anyone spent much time developing aikido against grappling attacks? I've long though that the serious martial artist wouldn't have to be concerned about such training, because most people who start fights are not skilled fighters. But perhaps the UFC effect is changing that equation. Any thoughts?

Once again, kudos to all the members of aikiweb for taking the high road. I look forward to your posts.

Casey Martinson
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