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Re: Locking/pinning as pain submission...

People intentionally 'throw-down' before irimi nage? yikes. I have no idea how they expect to pick uke up, pull them over their own centreline then dump them again...

I thought you only did that in training as practice for when an attacker follows too far and drops, in which case irimi becomes a neck-throw (buggered if I can remember the name).

Bending people's thumbs/fingers back is quite common and is known as "small joint manipulation" - It can work wonders on a person in a sound(ish) state of mind. Get someone who's 'enraged' or psychotic and they'll often sacrifice the small joint just to smash you one - they just don't care that you snapped three of their fingers. Having said that they're very useful for standard defense and restraint (not that I'm any good at them though :P)
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