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Re: Locking/pinning as pain submission...

Michael Stuempel wrote:
Hijishime and Hijiate....When I first ran down the list of techniques after being told this I was surprised that they were the only two (as well as the ikkajo pin) which hyperextend the elbow. Everything else works with the joints in the way they were designed to move (sorta )
I've had people bend my fingers backwards (very effectively, thank you) as prelude to SANKYO--watch Steven Seagal do this to UKEs' thumbs--and there's a tough variation of the IKKYO pin which braces the arm above the elbow and extends and lifts the wrist--Ouch! The arm bar principle works well on knees, too. It's a cinch to get it too; people who do that confident throw down before IRIMI NAGE expect you to come up compliantly into their clothesline. "Bah!" I say. "I'm down there, I'm turning in and taking out their knee!"

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