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Re: Locking/pinning as pain submission...

Regarding the death grip thing.

I think you can do a good, powerful technique while holding on for dear life, but its going to take a lot out of you, your balance is going to be up and your shoulders will be sticking out around your ears.

I think you can do a BETTER and MORE powerful technique if you can hold firmly (but not so strong that uke feels bones crushing) and instead work on using the grip to take uke to the edge of his/her balance.

I have always been told that uke shouldn't really feel anything until the last devastating part of the technique where they turn into a puddle on the mat or get thrown through a wall. A vice-like grip would be something uke would immediately try to escape from. A gentle, but firm grip may evoke some feeling of discomfort but not enough to make them fight to get away from it.

Especially if you are hitting them in the head at the same time.

Just a thought,


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