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Wrist Strapping for training...

I was wondering if anyone has used wrist strapping during training that restricts the range of motion of the wrist? If so, what type of strapping did you use?

I have a joint 'disorder' (genetic/natural) of the wrist whereby my wrist joints are hypermobile and hyperflexible, the result of which is that my joint only locks up at a point where it is not particularly safe for me to be long term (my wrist will continue to get more and more flexible until it becomes very, very easy to stuff the joint up). As a result I have two options:

1) be proactive about ukemi, don't let myself get locked. Realise when it's at a point it would lock most 'normal' people and submit to the technique or pin.
2) Wear a strap which reduces the range of motion of the joint in order to 'normalise' it.

I've been doing 1 lately, and would like to try combining it with 2 - the tightening of the strapping will give me better feedback as to when to submit so that I'm not submitting too early so as to be useless for nage to understand their technique...

I was hoping some of you might have tried various types of strapping and could recommend one (my physio wasn't concerned with the type, as long as range of motion wasn't restricted).

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