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Re: My Jiu Waza Needs Help

Dear Tiy,

Sometimes, in jiyu waza, people like you and me still assume we are doing textbook type technique. This is not the case. Textbook type technique are designed for teaching purpose only and very little practical use. So instead of trying to do it stepwise like in waza type, reduce the technique to its core principles only.

Personally in my jiyu waza, I only choose those very simple technique, kokyu nage featuring very prominently. Others are irimizuki, iriminage. Fancy or complicated techniques are out.

And lastly my advise is esp in multiple uke formats... not all uke you meet you have to do a technique, sometimes avoidance and blending to let you refocus and catch a microsecond of breather is also important.

I remember, once I was being uke for my sandan sempai in randori; there were four of us attacking. I remember doing a shomenuchi and the tori blended with my attack, went behind me and then push me towards another incoming uke. It was a complete non-textbook technique but it did its job anyway.
Hope this help.


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