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Re: Locking/pinning as pain submission...

David Valadez wrote:
(1)....I do not feel Kisshomaru's statement is in need of such tweaking and/or spin in order for it to make sense. What he is saying is not so mysterious. If it appears to be it is for another reason. The need for such tweaking or spin comes not from the esoteric nature of what is being said but rather from the pressure of making something that is utterly false appear to be true or appear to be true in most circumstances. ...

....any healthy joint is going to experience a locked sensation and/or even pain (i.e. nerve sensation) whenever it is moved beyond its natural range of motion.

(2)....In my opinion, if you are going to look for Aikido's uniqueness, it is in its spirituality (Osensei's and not Kisshomaru's) and in how that spirituality might effect one's waza and state of being.
Hi, David,

1) Thanks for your comments here. I hadn't really thought through this aspect of technique. I just assumed that "going with the joint" (e.g. KOTE GAESHI) meant stretching soft tissue; "going against it" (ROKKYO), compressing bone. I like your reasoning here.

2) Yes. Absolutely. It was interesting to hear people's reaction to Kuroda Tetsuzan--Hark! other arts have heard of softness!

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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