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Re: Locking/pinning as pain submission...

Chris Sacksteder wrote:
If someone has a relaxed grip, is controlling your center by only touching your hand or wrist, and there is no pain then they are doing proper skeletal locks.
I honestly don't know if that is true - Maybe?! The only way it makes sense to me is that it seems he's figured out how to pull my ligaments and tendons from outside of my body in just the right way to make me into a puppet, and he seems to do automatically. I can't explain it from the nage point of view - yet. (But I have high hopes!)

As far as uke's job being to execute a proper attack and keep safe in the process - I think there are varing levels of this - and the main thing is to stay appropriate for you and your partner's maximum learning. I definately risk my safety a bit more now than I used to. That makes it fun!

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