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Re: "I am the Universe."

David Valadez wrote:
Hi Peter,

However, I am a little hesitant as to place all weight of the break in the single man of his son. That kind of agency is not part of how I was trained to understand history. There are many problems with those kinds of ideas of agency. Nevertheless, something did happen around that time, and undoubtedly Kisshomaru was part of it. He was definitely a player in whatever kind of paradigmatic shifts and/or epistemic shifts took place during his lifetime. Whatever happened, how it happened, why it happened, etc., has yet to be studied, as you said, and it might be some while before anyone would actually tackle that subject since such a work would indirectly be an attack on the claims of transmission for many folks training today.

Oh, yes. I agree. As I said, the striking differences are what led me to probe further. There is also the undoubted fact that before the war aikido became part of the Japanese 'establishment' and I myself have a ringside view of issues involved in the transmission (or not) of the charisma of an individual through an organizational structure. What is interesting, however, is that these problems are not new or unique to aikido.

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