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Re: Locking/pinning as pain submission...

Re: Locking/Pinning as Pain Submission...
Quote:/ Philip Smith mentioned it maybe the fault (as often) lies in the translation.
I agree the joints do lock at "the end of a natural range of motion".and been "soft is also lost in the translation.
As for the other that posted there comments "translation is lost", for everyone has there own concept. One has to just go with the flow you might say. not to have conflicts and just glide thought the Translations.
For what's it worth, My concept is as a uke for instance. His job is to execute the proper attack and protect himself in the process. As for receiving a painful reaction to the technique been done to ones own self (Uke). You are resisting and the nage is only restraining your attack. You are causing this reaction to the submission. If the Nage is centered and weight is underside,posture and execution of the technique. it is difficult but not impossible to counter, But its in the translation of what is asked to determine the question.What if?, Why doesn't it work? and etc. There is the hard way and soft way of submission or application of a technique. It is different for each Dojo and Instructor. But look at it this way, can you continue training Aikido. if you are injured to a point where one cannot continue to train Aikido into your 70's or later. Boxer, Extreme MA Fighters, Professional all retire after sustaining physical injury's in there careers. In Aikido the ones that leave the art for personnel reason, Family, work, Commitments and so on. Do so, But there are a few of us left that will carry on. Because we have been injured in the pass, But got smarter and learned not to resist the attack, and learned to be a good Uke. So to continue and learn in our later years in Aikido. The younger and stronger students just need to flex there physical power. And are lost in "The translation" of what your teachers were trying to teach you all these years. Remember, Where there is a action , there is always a for thought!.. Aloha.

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