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Re: Article: Transmission in Aikido, Part II by George S. Ledyard

Hi George,

Thank you for a thought-provoking piece, and thank you too Peter for the same as well.

George, not that I disagree with anything you said, but I was curious about the following. You said:
"To do this we, as instructors, will have to work together rather than compete with each other. We need to support each other and collectively work out the best way to pass on our experience to the next generation."

I can see how that makes sense. But from another point of view, don't most things survive just fine through competition and/or other forms of antagonism - especially things that are large and dynamic? Sure, things may not survive the way we would like them too, but don't things still press on? Contrarily, whereas sometimes, when a "cooperation" is imposed upon something, some very important things tend to get lost. For example, communisim in economic models and/or species introduction in various habitats, etc. I know this is way out there, and maybe isn't related all that much to what you wrote, but maybe you can talk about how much impact a loss of cooperation can really have on something that is so marked by individuality, contrast, and other things of specificity, etc., because, for me, the negative effects of antagonism (as they pertain to transmission) are not all that clear.

thanks in advance,

David M. Valadez
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