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One thing that I learned as Kohai was that my
favorite partners were "Mute Sempai". When i first started in 1991, there was very little talk in our dojo. In fact, if I asked even some of the shodans other than our sensei a question about technique their usual reply was to look me calmly in the eye and wait to do the exercise again. I quickly realized that the best way to learn was to pay attention to both of our bodies during ukemi.

Now I'm a "Mute Sempai" whenever I have the restaint. It sometimes confuses and frustrates my Kohai when I refuse to verbally reply to their questions the first two times or so. I always hear them and slow my nage actions down and exaggerate their troubled part. When taking ukemi, I try to blend into the ruff spots to smooth them out.

What more should be said than, "Feel this here."? How much talk goes on in your training?

"One does not find wisdom in another's words." -James D. Chye
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