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Re: Ever Jam your toes?

Thanks for advice.

As for hurts from walking, heck since I've done that it always hurts a little no mater what I do now. Even if I am sitting on a chair with my foot in the air. But not bad till I do the kneeling. I don't think its broke because most the pain is from up before the toe where it connects to the foot. I am assuming something was sprained.

I will give it a couple more weeks and if things don't get better then see a doctor. I will also try the taping it to another toe for support when in class. I have lots of tape in my bag because I used to have to splint my finger for class when I did something simaler to it. Only My finger was not movable for quite a while.

That was another one of the times I was porbably supposed to see a Doctor and never did.

Funny with all the crazy throws and falls I have done I have never got an aikido injury. But I sure tend to hurt myself stupidly, like walking into tool boxes.

Side note, I seen one student break a toe one summer about 4 years ago after triping on a mat.
I remember it like it was yesterday. His big toe was facing the celing. He reached down, snaped it in place, and taped it and proceeded to finish class. However he did stop knee walking for a while.
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