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Re: Poll: Do you think your aikido organization would surive without its chief instructor(s)?

Interesting thread. I wonder if it is even possible to preserve a chief instructor's aikido after they have passed on? I would not expect the next chief to be the same. I would welcome a different perspective in keeping with the same testing requirements. This is why I attend seminars. I imagine that it will, as I progress, keep my own aikido fresh. I am fairly new to aikido, but it seems to me that it is a fluid art on several levels. How can freezing it in one shihan's manner be healthy? Little grows in frozen ground. I think honoring the founder/shihan is good…but I wonder, if the shihan were still alive, would his aikido be the same as when he died? An instructor of mine said something interesting to me the other day. He said don't look at where the teacher was….look to where he was going.

I am surprised that an art that (to me) is about harmony could find it's instructors at war with each other. Perhaps I was just naïve in thinking that people who have studied such a beautiful art/way for so long would automatically believe and act in harmony. One reason I left TKD was the ugly politics that I saw as I went up in rank. I guess it is not necessarily the path that gets one to the destination.

In response to Philip's post, I would have no problem with a son or daughter inheriting the right to an organization and having his/her own aikido…given that that person has "paid their dues" as someone else put it and not just had a "crash course". A crash course and full take over seems, well…I'll say it… immodest to me and a bit out of the aikido spirit. I do feel loyal to my instructors. I am so grateful to them for taking the time and having the compassion and patience to help me. I would feel disrespectful stepping into a position of power over them before I had put in a few decades of mat time….no matter what my bloodline. It would be like being given a live blade before I had barely had experience with a bokken.
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