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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

Thanks for caring but that is not a problem for quite some time now

They could do this only when they changed the pace. Which is a totally pointless thing to do in seminar in cooperative practice. Which also pissed me off. Man... I so hate when some 1.-3. kyu students start teaching you at seminars and changing paces and talking about "REAL situations" because I do not have a hakama on and wearing a whitebelt and because I like to practice rather slow and softly during seminars. It's meant to be a learning-cooperative-thing for god's sake. And I came to learn from that guy who is giving the seminar therefore I want to concentrate on his approach for this few hours.

And now I'm totally aware that I got oh-so-many options there (iriminage). I could control their head with the forearm and I could move around and drag behind and I can keep a better angle so they are not able to drag and I could step in more for hipthrow or ashibarai and I could and blah blah I'm better now (a bit)

And of course I could go down with them and put some pressure with the knee on them or make an armbar and they even wouldn't know what happened to them.

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