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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

I don't think I'd drag you on top of me either unless it was a multiple attack situation and I knew there were 2 other guys running in to hit you in the next second or two. I agree that it is stupid to train that competitively in normal practice - but I would say that if you are getting dragged down in iriminage you might want to put a little more work into that technique... My guess is that you are trying to do the clothesline thing at the end and they are grabbing your arm. Id's say, you need to fix your alignment between the point where you initially bring them down and the point where you bring them back up. At that moment (before they bounce back up), I find it helps for me to pivot so that my feet (and hips!) are pointed the same direction uke's feet (and hips) are going. If my left hand is behind their head, then at the moment (after I pivot to fix alignment) my right foot is forward and my right arm is forward (on their upper arm). I basically imagine that I'm holding a sword to their neck with my right arm. I step back with my right foot (on that fixed alignment) and leave my right arm expanding outward and forward as my left hand gathers their head a bit forward and up towards my right shoulder. Try that and see if they are still able to pull you down... It's been working for me...

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