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Re: Poll: How important is the notion of "self defense" in your aikido training?

Beau Biller wrote:
Hello all,

Well put Larry...I agree that aikido is about training for love and peace, but it is impossible to speak of such things from a place of weakness. IMHO, asking for peace when one is weak and defensless is nothing more than a plea for mercy. Demanding peace when you are at an advantage is compassion...

Hi Beau

I have always (and continue to) struggle with this notion of aikido being about love, or 'loving protection' to use a common phrase.

Even when I was a self-proclaimed aikifruitie, back when I started aikido, I couldn't see how any of the throws could be considered as a way to lovingly protect your attacker. We even learn very early on how to breakfall to stop us getting damaged from them.

I suppose I am learning to lovingly protect myself, but not my attacker. Self defence, conflict resolution, peace and harmony, yes, but love?

There was a recent thread discussing a video of a demo by Mustard Sensei. How much of the aikido in that was designed to love and protect the attacker?


Justin McCarthy
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