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Re: Klingon Martial Art

Peter, the development of using a walking stick etc. for combat makes sense as it's just adapting commonly used implements to maximise their effective use as a make-shift weapon.

The Klingon weapons I presume are more akin to true arms such as swords - now if someone could show they are effective and well designed weapons which are superior in some ways to existing weapons, I'd probably change my mind on their inclusion in martial arts (and no I don't accept stage combat as validating their use). However, most martial arts weapons (lets ignore nun chucks and sai for now) at least have proven abilities when applied to the battlefield - I'd be very surprised if the inventions of a sci-fi soap opera writing team could really come up with a truly useful weapon.

Jo - you're correct in that the correlation between scientific inventions and current sci-fi fiction is nothing new. However, this hardly relates to the invention of a new outmoded pole-arm by an alien race surely?
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