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Re: Another Hakama thread?

David Chalk wrote:
Interesting thread. For myself I alway thought Hakama were really cool, were an Honor to wear and made your Aikido much better. I found that whilst it is definitely a Honor to wear one, the fact that you are in danger of tripping over the damn thing almost all the time means that they certainly ain't cool, as far as whether they make your Aikido better you are certainly more focused on your footwork, but I'm not convinced.


Have fun tying your new Hakama and remember Niamh's is dying to listen sympathetically to all the problems you have with your Hakama - I guarantee there will be plenty.
Hey David,

Thanks for your feel-good comment. Tonight at practice will be my first class with hakama on. Wonder how bad will the tripping be? Only problem... must learn how to tie and wear one first. Yoshibrute are poor with hakamas. Big Claws and such... <sigh>.


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