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Re: Aikido Frauds

Larry Camejo wrote:
What would have happened to the first Aikikai Doshu if Ueshiba M. had passed away at a time when the former was only at Ikkyu level and not yet ready to assume the technical reigns of the organisation?
I think you mean the second Doshu. Morihei Ueshiba himself was the first. This issue was clearly in the minds of some people when Kisshomaru Ueshiba passed away. The particular custom of the iemoto paradigm followed by the Aikikai Hombu is that the successor is the son of the previous Doshu and so Moriteru Ueshiba assumed the role wirth the agreement of the Zaidan Houjin Aikikai, which is the legal body controlling the Aikikai Hombu. It is not unknown in the iemoto system to have members at a higher technical level than the head. It is assumed that the person will grow into the role and Mitsuteru Ueshiba, the son of the present Doshu, is now doing some serious training.

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