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Re: Aikido Frauds

Peter Rehse wrote:

Nariyama Shihan after over 20 years as 7th Dan assumed 8th Dan - there was no one to give him the rank. There were a few reasons for it - one it allowed other people to be promoted that deserved it and two 8th Dan was supposed to be the top rank in the JAA. Now you are saying he's suspicious.

This may get me flamed but I am curious, I know very little about customary rank promotional norms in Japan. Is it considered to be an unexceptional practice to assume a higher rank in terms of how they do things over there (and for the reasons you enumerate)? If so, wouldn't it seem that there is precedent for others who wish to make use of self-awarded rank? Excuse me, not meaning to offend anyone, I am not at all knowlegeable about these matters.
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