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Re: Aikido Frauds

Linda Morimoto wrote:
It would be kind of difficult to pin that sort of thing down, if a person went to school and completed their Ph.D they are entitled to use the appellation as a sign-off, isn't that so? Even if it creates a sort of misrepresentation by omission of explanation what topic of study the Ph.D was awarded for. Or am I wrong?
Yes, if the person actually "went to school and earned the Ph.D they would be entitled to use the sign off. However, this is not even a mail order degree. They are not an authorized degree granting institution. That is, it is a fake degree awarded by people who awarded themselves Ph.Ds. Hey, if you earn it use the title-I use mine. However, to earn a doctorate you are looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 years of college. They are doing this in a couple of months with a two year limitation. Life experience counts I guess.
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