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Re: Aikido & Pilates

Jeezus - Paul, I'm not a Gyrotonic instructor. I'm like a 5th kyu asked to explain aikido and giving an honest best effort. In fact, the official name of the system is the "Gyrotonic Expansion System," not the Gyrotonic Lengthening System.
Here's a quote from the website I referred to in my last post:

Gyrotonic® comes from the word "Gyro" (meaning spiral or circle) and "Tonic" (to tone or invigorate).  It is based on fluid circular movements, and the participant's own restorative energy.       
With the body continuously supported by the equipment, either in lying or sitting positions, the participant moves through a series of rhythmical, low impact exercises, specifically designed to gradually
•  Stretch and strengthen the musculature
•  Improve the articulation of the joints and  spine
•  Build abdominal strength to enhance core  support, balance and stability
•  Develop kinesthetic awareness for better posture, and a renewed sense of the body as a whole
Breathing patterns are synchronized with the exercises to stimulate the nervous system, and create a revitalizing and invigorating flow of energy. As these processes come together, stiffness is released; flexibility, inner strength and coordination are improved, while stress and the risk of injury are reduced. Everyday movements become easier, and more efficient, resulting in an increase in vitality and well being.

They also have non-equipment based component:

Gyrokinesis® is based upon the same principals as the Gyrotonic® Expansion System, and requires only a stool and exercise mat to be performed. It is the core of the Juliu Horvath System™and was first developed out of his personal struggle with chronic pain and injuries.
The goal of Gyrokinesis® is to educate the body to move with fluidity and power.
Through a series of gentle and systematic movements the entire body is released, stimulated and invigorated. The first part of the class is performed seated and guides you through an awakening of the senses. While performing repetitive, rhythmical movements, you will be able to release stiffness, increase blood circulation and stimulate your internal organs and nervous system. The class then moves to the floor and finishes with strengthening exercises for the back and abdominal muscles.

My personal opinion: I think it is a wonderful supplementary exercise system for martail arts practice.


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