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Re: Aikido & Pilates

Seriously, sorry if I'm teasing too much! I couldn't resist.

As I said before the Alexander Method folks also use the term lengthening. And also as I said before, the term might be a little misleading - but not terribly so. Most of the folks on the thread seem to know exactly what is meant by it. If this helps, consider that when I blow air into a baloon, it "lengthens" and "widens" eventhough the amount of rubber that comprises the baloon doesn't "grow". I like more explicit terminology myself. I can get to LA via Omaha because "via" means "by way of" and I have to read about people getting to the internet via the browser at my job (where they want via to mean "by means of") - and well I just have to let it go because pretty much everyone knows what they mean and that is the evolution of language - like it or not.

As far as aikido goes - to keep this somewhat on topic here - people mistranslated a term in Japanese to mean "extension" when they should have said "expansion" about 30+ years ago and that's done a lot of damage to many people's aikido paradigm since. Things like yoga and pilates go a long way towards fixing that problem as well!

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