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Re: Aikido Frauds

Yes! Thats my point John. When you see the truth there is no denying it! If Ledyard Sensei were to walk into my dojo, are we suggesting he is not the real thing if he does not have a piece of paper saying so? Or a direct line to O sensei?

I was trying to be funny about the Higher techniques, etc. This is obviously something you feel strongly about and I am sorry to offended you. I was not suggesting for a minute that we put up with the fakies, only asking where do we draw the line?

I agree about the need to stop aikido being watered down, but if so, which schools should we protect? Should we ask all the other schools to change their name to something else? Who gets to decide who is in and who is out because IMHO, there are as many styles as there are aikidoka, therefore it would be impossible.

Love and light

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