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Re: Aikido Frauds

There are some excellent independent teachers out there guys, please don't let us forget that a piece of paper, or even 30 - 40 years experience of a direct link to O sensei cannot guarantee a grasp on what he was trying to teach. Many have the knowledge but how many are truly understanding it?

I do not promote fake or fraudulent teachers in any way. The so called 11th dan "Master" I told you about in my previous post was a bit of laughing stock within the aikido community in his area. Needless to say, his dojo closed down within 1 year - good riddance. I am sure some of his students wasted time, money and effort with that man and I am truly sorry about that.

The snobbery I am talking about is something I am guilty of too - even the true masters have their egos . If a person thinks that buying an aikido grade will make them good, then they have a problem because they never get to experience our art for real, thats their true loss. As far as their students are concerned, well that is a different matter. I just don't see any way of policing it, I still think it could be dangerous to criticise the teaching of others, for all we know they could be so advanced, their techniques so much higher than ours that that we cannot "get it", maybe not.

Love and light
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