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Re: Aikido & Pilates

Rob Liberti wrote:
Hi Paulo,

Whom are you arguing with? I just did a word search on this thread to find the word "best".
I wasn't under the impression that I was arguing with anyone. Unless I'm mistaken, I used the phrase "the only way or the best way" or words to that effect each time.

Also, you seem to have a hang up where you think "lengthen" means "grow" and the rest of the folks on the thread all seem to agree that "lengthen" is a perfectly normal way to describe muscle activity going to a "relaxed state".
I don't think I have a hang up about this. A lot of activities improve flexibility or range of motion: gymnastics, some dancing, Olympic weightlifting...but I'm only aware of pilates and yoga using the terminology of "lengthening muscles" and haven't encountered it elsewhere.

Now that might just be the term that pilates and yoga use to refer to improved flexibility/improved range of motion. But, that certainly wasn't the case with my yoga instructors, nor do I believe that to be the case with a fair amount of the yoga/pilates literature I've read. And you yourself admitted the term is somewhat misleading, so I should hope that any confusion on my part is at least somewhat understandable.

I suggest you let it go and return to a "relaxed state". You might find that you'll "grow".
Oh, it's gone, Rob. I care far less about this than you can imagine.


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