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Re: Florida Sensei

I said Viable, didn't I? I didn't say Legitimate Martial Art. i said "viable art ". You quoted "viable art".

If I practice Aikido because I find it aesthetically pleasing then, and not for self defense, then I am not practicing a Martial Art. If I practice Batlith for the same reason, then I have to define aikido as a Physical Art Form as well.
Its all in the motivation. If I just happen to be able to fight off an invader in my home bacause I know how to handle a Stage Prop effectively, then this glorified Dance Form becomes Self-defense.
Since every aikido technique I've ever learned was choreographed and I am expected to figure out, in a period of several years, how to apply it in a self defense situation, I really don't see the difference.
A Martial Art may be created using ANY Thing. Legitimacy is defined by Agreement.
And most of the Combat choreographers of my acquaintance study a LOT of "legitimate" martial arts.How do you know that Batleth technique CAN"T become a legitimate art in time?


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