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Re: Florida Sensei

Jo Adell wrote:
Why shouldn't a Stage Combat Specialist create something that could, and is, developing into something that is actually a viable art? Because we don't fight with swords any more?
uh, what kind of viable art ? certainly not a martial art.
why would it ever develop into something that is not the goal.

the goals of stage combat are very different from a martial art that wants to be useful in some manner for self-defense.

stage combat aims to provide drama to a story. to engage the audience visually in a conflict between actors acting as combatants. To appear deadly or to cause harm but not actually get anyone hurt. To that end there are certainly teachers of stage combat.

sometimes a martial art may as side effect of it's goals provide some visual drama for an audience at a demonstration, but it better not be the actual goal. A stage combat teacher may draw upon some of those moves to provide a sense of realism but almost certainly the choreography will remain choreography.

Eroll Flynn sword-fighting style never became anything other than stage combat. Why would the Klingon Bathleth be any different. Don't kid yourself. It was created for form not function.

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