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Re: Aikido & Pilates

In reverse order.....

Jo Adell wrote:
Any object that is able to contract is by definition able to lenghthen. This does not mean you can make your muscles grow longer, it means they can be lenghthened from a Contracted position.
I agree, although I would have said "it means they can return to the original, relaxed state".

My point is, since mucles cannot grow longer once a person is full developed, it's misleading (at best) to say "activity X lengthens muscles". I feel it would be more honest to say, "activity X improves flexibility or improves/restores natural range of motion".

Jo Adell wrote:
This morning I could not put my head on the floor between my legs. After my yoga practice I could.
Is putting your head on the floor between your legs a common position in aikido? Is putting your head on the floor between your legs advantegeous in aikido? Is pilates/yoga/gyrotonic the only way (or the best way) to develop the ability to put your head on the floor between your legs?

I would submit that putting your head on the floor is a common position in aikido, and it is not advantageous in aikido to do so, in the same way that I believe it is not necessary in aikido to bench press 300 pounds, nor advantageous to do so.


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