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Re: Florida Sensei

It is a weapon. SOMEBODY had to figure out how to use that weapon. I would think that lineage in this situation would be to the person who developed the original theatrical prop and choreography, which DID develop into a system of combat. I never said anything about "Klingon lineage". Somebody who studied this system in the context of TV choreography is still a part of a "lineage".

I'm sure the fight choreograher has Some kind of "legitimate", :earthly" background in MA of some kind as well, and they should also be forthcoming on their training background in the context of their deveoping their style. If Batlith combat was purely fictional, there wouldn't BE people who are able to use and spar with them today.

I bet somebody thought fifty years ago that what OSenei was doing was also make-believe. Gods know, there are people today who practice aikido who think so. These few threads about legitimacy all seem to agree that someone can create their own style of martial arts. OSensei did. Why shouldn't a Stage Combat Specialist create something that could, and is, developing into something that is actually a viable art? Because we don't fight with swords any more?

I think its just about as "make-believe" as people putting on 100 pounds of armor and getting on a horse and riding at each other with long wooden sticks.

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